Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Explaining Our Absence

Good evening. While I will never regret my attempt to execute a career as an artist, I have had the profound misfortune to endure environments, including my current environment, that refuse to offer the compassion, nurturing, and support an artist requires.

These circumstances cannibalized Sunday’s announced events, they cannibalized this week of Ten With Smalls and likely they will cannibalize future broadcasts, malfunction or cancel future promoted events. While I could exchange a daily quantity of frustration for a normal existence my antagonists have encouraged, I will not relinquish my commitment to myself or my supporters.

American Philosopher Daniel Weinbarger once said “On the web, everyone will be famous to fifteen people,” and if fifteen and not fifteen thousand are all which are destined to view my videos or read my scripts or read my tweets, I will remain satisfied that someone somewhere viewed my art, which is all I have ever craved. I will continue, no matter the setbacks.

Mad Men, Entourage, and Jersey Shore Episode Diaries will be posted this week. Ten With Smalls will return next week with a pair of football themed editions, as our 2010 NCAA and NFL broadcast schedules are released.