Sunday, August 22, 2010

Entourage Episode Diary

Mad Men Episode Diary

Announcing My Permanent Return & Viewpoint

Over the proceeding eleven days, I have considered and scrutinized several aspects of my personal and professional existence. As I previously stated, my current environment mocks and will not offer the compassionate, nurturing, and supportive environment an artist requires and the aforementioned almost compelled me into sacrificing my creativity, passion, and talent.

However, my aspirations of success only intensified with each moment of reflection and reservation. I cannot and will not cannibalize my Episode Diaries, Special Commentaries, Ten With Smalls, NCAA Football, NFL Football, Award Season, or any other event simply because negativity resides within my realm. I owe my colleagues, friends, and fans more. I owe myself more.

Ten With Smalls will return next week and air Monday-Thursday throughout autumn and winter, excluding evenings when another broadcast is scheduled. Ten With Smalls will not air Friday, allotting the week’s concluding twenty-four hours for my various movie, television, and songwriting projects.

As I conclude this statement, I will reference one of my tweeters who said if I would only endure misery if I allowed my adversaries criticism to affect me. This tweeter was correct. I have decided I will not allow anyone to steal my attitude or positivity. I will succeed no matter my circumstances or the noise which assaults them.