Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 BCS National Championship Contest: Oregon vs. Auburn

Announcing My Return & Explaining My Absence

On November 26, the unfortunate situation which was sans the compassion, nurturing, and support an artist requires and had inbited the ultimate presentation and utilization of my aptitude and personality exploded. Since this moment, I have been robbed of all except minimals means of artistic expression. Experiencing contests and episodes which I should have live blogged or tweeted and interacted with established and new heartbeats pained me. Releasing another statement within which I lament and relate my personal misfortune pains me more.

I have not provoked or sought these miserable circumstances and I wish those within my life who have never understood or attempted to understand me would recognize their own inadequacy and seek a purposeful reconciliation. This may never occur and while I have, as previously, contemplated vacating my artistic endeavors, expressing myself within a public fashion and interacting with the public is all I have desired since I can remember.

I regret the forty-four days I was silent and I know that silence could encompass me again for multiple reasons. With that stated, I commence this website and all of my endeavors, live blogging, episode diaries, post contest commentaries, special comments, and this spring, America's Livingroom, with excitement, optimism, and a profound adimiration and respect for those who have maintained my spirit within this period and will view my forthcoming videos and read my fortchoming scripts and tweets. You are my heartbeats because without you, I would within any valid context, cease to exist.