Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Duke vs. North Carolina Drinking Game

Shot of Liquor
IF North Carolina's banners are shown and one of your high school's basketball starter's wore one of the Tar Heels retired numbers

IF Eric Montross OR Cherokee Parks appears within a Duke versus North Carolina montage

IF someone upon your Twitter references a Duke forward who became an NBA All-Star

IF one of your Facebook friends, who is a Duke or North Carolina alumni, posts a status disparaging their rival

Shot of Beer
IF one of Duke's caucasian athletes scores a three AND Dick Vitale references a former Duke caucasian athlete

IF Dick Vitale discusses a sport other than college basketball

IF a Duke OR North Carolina athlete slaps the floor, even accidently

Trio of Shots (Guest's Choice)
IF Michael Jeffrey Jordan is referenced AND one of your cell phone contact's middle names commences with J

IF a former Duke OR North Carolina athlete is shown wearing clothing other than a suit

Finish The Bottle
IF someone scores a half court or beyond three point shot which sends the contest into an initial or an additional overtime

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