Sunday, February 19, 2012

Khloe & Lamar Drinking Game

Shot of Liquor
IF Khloe or Lamar or Rob speak the phrase "Bible."

IF within the initial ten results of a twitter search for #KhloeandLamar, someone tweets a sentence Khloe spoke.

IF Kim's relationship OR Kourtney's relationship are discussed within the episode OR Kim OR Kourtney appear within the episode.

IF a Kardashian Kollection commercial appears within the episode.

Shot of Beer
IF Jamie Sangouthai OR Joe Odom request money AND someone requested money from you within this week.

IF Khloe OR Lamar OR Rob OR Jamie curse.

IF Rob argues with anyone.

Trio of Shots (Guest's Choice)
IF Lamar OR Rob are shown playing video games AND you played video games within this week.

WHEN Lamar informs Khloe he has been traded.

Finish The Bottle
IF Lamar Odom OR Khloe Kardashian OR Rob Kardashian OR Kim Kardashian OR Kourtney Kardashian tweet you within the Khloe and Lamar season premiere OR within ten minutes of the season premiere's conclusion.

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