Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Little Liars "A Day" Drinking Game

Shot of Liquor
IF someone includes speculation concerning A's identity within a BBM OR Facebook Chat.

IF someone upon your twitter includes #ADay within their tweet.

IF "A" sends Aria OR Emily a text message.

IF Hanna OR Spencer speak the phrase "Liars" OR "Lying."

Shot of Beer
IF Jason DiLaurentis OR Garrett Reynolds appear within the episode OR Ian Thomas is referenced within the episode.

IF Melissa Hastings-Thomas references her unborn child OR she references a previous relationship.

IF Jenna conceals her recouped vision from someone.

Trio of Shots (Guest's Choice)
IF Aria's mother OR Hanna's mother appeared within a television show you once watched.

IF someone upon your Facebook who was a high school friend is a fan of Pretty Little Liars.

Finish The Bottle
IF Alison DiLaurentis is confirmed alive AND she is revealed as "A."

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  1. Are you trying to tell us something with that finish the bottle part? ;)