Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live With Smalls Dallas Episode Diary

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  1. Great re-cap of DALLAS. I see what you are saying with maybe only having one episode last night vs. two, however keep in mind the significance of this iconic's show's return. The first hour was basically a set-up for the new era with the introduction of characters and a re-cap in itself of the original show. It seemed to flow very well. I think it was imperative to have two bc I found myself looking at the clock going I cannot believe the first hour is coming to and end. I think after 20 plus years to comeback and only have 1 hour would not have been enough. It would not suffice.

    I enjoyed the classic double cross and then the counter double cross in true DALLAS form between John Ross and JR. Great to see a stronger and more confident Sue Ellen.

    Do you think it will come out that Christopher is JR and Kristen's son??? It should!! LOVE IT

    Adele reaches the young and old ha ha that is why she is playing in the background. That is marketing, mass appeal 101!

    I am hooked, obviously. I cannot wait for next Wednesday. What is Christopher's new wife and her brother, Tommy up to? Are they Cliff Barnes kids??!! lol Are they seeking revenge?

    XO - Christy