Monday, April 2, 2012

NCAA Tournament Championship Contest Drinking Game

Shot of Liquor
IF one of your Facebook friends, who is a Big Twelve Conference alumni, posts a status disparaging Kentucky OR one of your Facebook friends, who is a Southeastern Conference alumni, posts a status disparaging Kansas.

IF someone upon your Twitter mocks Jim Nantz.

IF Jeff Withey registers more blocks than Anthony Davis over five minutes.

IF Elijah Johnson scores more three point shots than Doron Lamb over four minutes.

Shot of Beer
IF Kansas exceeds their regular season free throw accumulation versus Kentucky over seven minutes.

IF Kentucky exceeds their regular season steals accumulation versus Kansas over five minutes.

IF Kansas amasses more offensive rebounds than Kentucky over three minutes.

Trio of Shots (Host's Choice)
IF John Calipari's 1996 Final Four appearance OR 2008 Final Four appearance and vacated are mentioned within the same sentence.

IF Bill Self's 2007 Elite Eight appearance OR 2004 Elite Eight appearance OR 2001 Elite Eight appearance OR 2000 Elite Eight appearance are referenced.

Finish The Bottle
IF a Kansas guard scores a three point shot which sends the contest into overtime AND Kentucky wins the contest.

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